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FIBO Cologne is officially postponed. If the upcoming TaiSPO show and China Sport Show in May, 2020 got affected by the coronavirus spreads?

Though IHRSA Show is to be held as scheduled in mid March regardless the increasing number of cases in the country, FIBO Cologne in April has officially postponed to H2 of the year without an exact date. As more and more countries fall victim to coronavirus (COVID-19) and Taiwan is also an international travel hub, TAITRA decided to postpon its upcoming Taipei Cycle and TaiSPO 2020 and hold a special edition on May 14th-16th.

On the other hand, in spite of being the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak, the biggest and most authoritative sporting goods show in Asia: China Sport Show, will stick to the plan and take place between May 21st and the 23rd. However, we would suggest customers to wait and see how the whole situation develops in the coming two months seeing the spreads outside China is surging up and more than 60 countries have reported confirmed cases and the increasing deaths. Please follow us for the update of the said shows.

Given the surging spreads of COVID-19 recently, attendees should still have concerns regarding the virus and the risk of infection during travel, even the virus has been resolved by then. Under such circumstances, JK Fitness had to decide not to participate in TaiSPO 2020 in May for the first time since 1981.

Still, all new products set to appear at the show will be displayed in the office. If you are visiting Taiwan as planned and have interests in getting more details, we would like to welcome you in our Taipei office and arrange an appointment!

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