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We are glad to announce that AeroHike incline treadmill has received the Patent Rights for its revolutionary “SwitchPro” innovation! With the brilliant Switch-Pro device, moving treadmill is no longer a 2-person job. Just a piece of cake for any single person!

What’s Switch Pro?

Now, imagine that you want to move your treadmill to another room. The very first 
step is to find someone’s help to tilt the machine, in order to unlock the tip on the bottom of the platform. After moving to the new location, you still have to adjust the tips back and forth to level the treadmill to the desired position. Not only it’s labor-consuming, there are risks for serious injuries if the person on the other end loses his grip. 

With Switch-Pro designed for AeroHike incline treadmill, you can easily move and level your treadmill by adjusting the knob with a hand, even when it’s a heavy machine 
weighing more than 100 kgs. Now, you can easily move the treadmill to where ever you want!