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Chinese Ministry of Commerce Redirects Exports to Domestic Market.

As the demand from major overseas markets is curbed by the COVID-19 outbreak and also to cope with the continuing tensions of the U.S.-China trade war, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce encourages foreign trade enterprises to turn to domestic market with export commodities.

The policy elongates the lead time for most export orders because the production capacity of organized factories is already full. As a result, most export orders have been got hold for months for delivery and some even being delayed until Q1 of 2021.

Are you seeing your business niches draining but waiting for the shipment or are you having problems to find a trustworthy supplier to expedite shipment of your orders? To avoid potential loss, our planned production can keep you in stock!

X-TRA 875
Features bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy workout with iConsole and Kinomap.
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EPIC 825
Sleek design with high performance. It's one of the best deals you can find on the market.
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Fully adjustable design makes the multi-gym accommodate all different kinds of users
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