Does your mini stepper got swallowed on E-commerce sites? Check JK's unique model


Can you identify which one is your product? Without an outstanding look to grab customers' eyes, people aren't willing to click and know more. Time to enrich your productline for upcoming big sales season! JK launched the outstanding model-"Deluxe Mini Stepper-ACTIVE 528".

Highlight! Three features to make Active 528 amazing!
1. Outstanding look- Unique, Elegant
The first-ever look makes it stand out! Grab clients' eyes at first sight.
2. Bigger size- Comfortable
Bigger pedals with soft pads. Luxury experience. Work out comfortably.
3. Adjustable knobs-Convenient
Easy level for user-friendly

Active 528 Deluxe Mini Steppers have been sold to the top sellers in USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Eastern Europe, more to come.
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