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Home use market will be boosted due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

jkexer-Coronavirus Outbreak

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Since the spreading of Coronavirus is getting faster and worse, everyone stays at home to avoid any possible infection. But, is it a perfect time to become a sofa potato? It might be not the right way. There is no specific treatment for illnesses caused by the Coronavirus. The critical thing is to improve personal immune system to fight for this sneaky virus. On the other hand, some consumers are starting to avoid buying products from China, probably including fitness equipment at this moment. Time to take action to purchase Taiwan-made premium home use fitness equipment to meet the latest market requirements.
To protect your health, time to build a gym and workout at home. Doing Cardio workout to reinforce the respiratory system, increasing metabolism by training a muscle.
Aerohike Taiwan-made 3-in-1 Incline treadmill
Available for climbing, walking and running for all ages
Click the video to see how it works
Free select Climbing /Running modes
AeroHike's incline level is up to 40 levels!
Cardio training and Muscular Endurance strengthening just at your fingertips!
Patented! Move 100kg Incline Treadmill In a Sec.
Are you tired of moving heavy fitness equipment? Let JK innovative design-smart "Switch-Pro" give you a hand! Move and level your heavy machine on your own without tilting, Anytime, Anywhere!
Click to see how "Switch-Pro" works on Aerohike
Effective Training-EMTAI HRR system
Distinctive from the HRC program based on personal age, HRR provides 5 training zones according to Resting Heart Rate.

JK, a customer-oriented manufacturer, was founded in 1981. Being a Taiwan-based manufacturer of premium fitness equipment since 1981, JK has been awarded the 'Good Export Performance' by the domestic government for decades, shipping high quality products to over 60 countries worldwide. The consecutive Taiwan Excellence awards and numerous patents speak for its capability of innovation and creativity.

We offer a wide range of innovative and quality Motorized Treadmills, Indoor Fitness Cycles, Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machine, Stepper and Multi gyms. We guarantee all the customers excellent Taiwan-made goods with trendy designs, unique features, fast delivery as well as professional service.

Put AeroHike in your list to enrich your product line next year.
Semi-commercial and home use are available. Contact us via

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