Join forces with JK Fitness to support medical workers


Hi Everyone,

My sincere greetings from Taiwan on behalf of JK Team. I am grateful for all our partners' genuine support over past decades.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has spread rapidly and is affecting more than 209 countries and territories around the world. In addition to the grieving the tragic losses of lives, health and jobs, people are also grieving the losses of cancelling weddings, outdoor activities and the ability to buy groceries or even to get a haircut.

Luckily, Taiwan government has been doing the epidemic preventions comparatively successfully and have started to share with the world the knowledge and experience. Recently, our government also donated necessary medical supplies to the countries that are seriously suffering from the pandemic. As citizens of the global village, JK would like to contribute our mite to improve the welfare of human well-beings in response to our president's public speaking “Taiwan can help, and Taiwan is helping." What we can do might be very tiny, yet, it stands for our sincerity to take up our social responsibilities.

I would like to invite our dear fellow partners to join a meaningful activity we are going to launch to help people around the world. JK would like to donate a percentage from your every purchase of Taiwan Excellence Award products and please help us donate it by providing any medical supplies to the health care workers/centers in your country and to express our gratefulness for your participation in this public welfare activity, we will also offer few percentage off to you, it may be small but means our big thanks to you in return.

I would again thank you from the bottom of my heart to have you together with us to make a little contribution to the world. We hope the outbreak end and life get back to normal at the soonest.

Take good care and stay safe, my friend.

Best regards,

Victor Chen
President, JK Fitness