This Item Was Sold More Than 1,000 Pieces in 1 Month


The JKEXER 500- curved ab glider made a successful debut.

Coincidentally, it is one of the new items that JK Fitness launched in March for 2020 TaiSPO. As the novel coronavirus spread globally, stay-at-home economy became a booming trend. People are aware that exercise is an effective way to improve their immune system but it is very likely to get infected while working out in a gym. Therefore, this new ab glider meet the peak demand on the market.

Patented both in China and Taiwan, this innovative plank machine features dual curved rails that provide a 88 cm gliding. The multi-purpose handlebar provides 3 different grips plus the 4 level adjustable height allow you to stretch the whole body. More importantly, the rotational cruncher gives different angles on the both side which enables you to train the core muscle completely.

The JKEXER 500 is lightweight, foldable and space-saving which is the perfect solution to work out at home. 5 minutes on this ab glider is equivalent to running 50 minutes and 250 sit ups. Now contact us for further details.