Enjoy Strength & Cardio Workout On GYMTread Without A Bulky Home-Gym


Enjoy Strength & Cardio Workout On GYMTread Without A Bulky Home-Gym
Cardio + Strength Training in ONE
Not just a treadmill anymore
GYMTread 395 is the perfect solution to people who has limited space and would like to have strength training combining regular cardio workouts with something new and effective. Select either running or strength training at your fingertips on your treadmill without having extra gear. A combination of strength training and running have the best effect on performance and push your body to a higher level as a result.

GYMTread equipped with the patented "Switch-Pro" as well as the foldable feature enable users to easily level, move or store it effortlessly anywhere in the house.
The one-of-a-kind console with the acrylic display offers a total clear view even under the dim environment. Better yet, both gym and treadmill workout records will be tracked and shown on the screen.
Unlike pin-selected strength equipment, simply adjust the weight settings in 8 different levels with a lever. The included exercise chart guides diverse total-body workout perfect for people of all ages.
The patented resistance system without a pile of weight stacks is easy to assemble with no cable installation required. The innovative structure combines arm and leg stations to achieve a comprehensive full-body workout with maximum 14 kgs adjustable weight.
The patented "Switch-Pro" allows easy moving and effortless leveling the machine at one time without tilting it back and forth.
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