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GYMTread complements your cardio workouts with strength training.

Maximizing Your Cardio and Strength Training.
Boost your cardio and build muscular strength simultaneously.

Studies show keeping your muscles and bones strong will help you to run better, whilst decreasing the chance of injury. Hence, enjoy your treadmill workouts, but make sure you bring in some total body strength training 3 times a week too.

Get the most out of your treadmill. With GYMTread 395, there is no need to get dumbbells or resistance bands, etc., and you can still increase your metabolism and encourage strength and tone.
Dual Display
The one-of-a-kind console with the acrylic display offers a total clear view even under the dim environment. Better yet, both gym and treadmill workout records will be tracked and shown on the screen.
Patented resistance system
The patented resistance system without a pile of weight stacks is simple and easy to assemble with no cable installation required. The innovative structure combines both arm and leg stations to achieve a comprehensive full-body workout with maximum 14 kgs adjustable weight.
Quick adjustment & Well-equipped
Unlike traditional pin-selected strength equipment, simply adjust the weight settings in 8 different levels with a lever. The included ankle strap, extension cables and exercise chart guides diverse total-body workout perfect for people of all ages.
Patented stabilizers
The patented "Switch-Pro" allows easy moving and effortless leveling the machine at one time without tilting it back and forth.
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