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O-Power Biking Workout With Core Training in ONE.


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Core Training Home Trainer

How our home trainer strengthen the abs?
Biking generally doesn't target your tummy, and your abs get the least amount of work when you pedal a recumbent bike. We are excited to present you the new JKexer 2380 O-POWER recumbent bike, which combines cycling, rowing and horse riding, allowing you to train your total body at home, even you have got minimal space.
Cycling, Rowing & Horse riding
Activate your multiple groups of muscles with this compound exercises machine.
Smooth Performance
Push your limits without waking up family members. Thanks to the quiet and smooth belt-driven system and adjustable magnetic resistance.
Comfortable padded Seat & Back for long time riding. Swivel Handlebar for easy access.
Effortlessly get on/off the bike and allow you to have a relaxing sitting position. The fully padded back provides maximum support during rowing and horse riding workouts.
Hydraulic Resistance
The hydraulic cylinder delivers a smooth rowing motion that makes your heart pump while you pull back and forth.
Oversize Pedals & Quality Crank
Self-balanced and adjustable foot pedals accommodate a variety of users plus 3-piece quality pedal cranks provide unmatched durability.
Digital Console
The easy to use & read console displays real-time workout data and allows you to train with Third Party Apps with optional Bluetooth connectivity.
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