How To Design A Home Gym That You Will Actually Use?


As the pandemic rages on, the safest place to work out is at home and a well-designed home gym can provide extra motivation to work out. Here’s how to create a personal gym you’ll want to spend time in.

Choose the room
Although it’s nice to have an expansive space for your gym, it doesn’t need to be a huge room. Basements are a popular place for home gyms because they often have leftover space, but for the fitness-obsessed, it’s perfectly acceptable to put a gym in a more prominent spot — like an unused guest room, or a home office. If possible, it’s best to put the gym near a bathroom. chances are, you’re going to want to shower after you work out.

Take stock of your equipment
There are many ways to work out, from free weights to elliptical machines, so knowing which equipment you’ll actually use is important. And if you want a gym that is as attractive as it is functional, you’re in luck: Finding good-looking equipment with a compact footprint is easier than it used to be.

Develop a plan
There’s more to designing a home gym than just piling equipment into an unused room — it requires creating a layout with good spatial flow. If there’s a treadmill, you have to have space behind it, in case someone falls off. And you need space for navigating between machines. With electronic machines like treadmills and exercise bikes, it’s critical to have electrical outlets nearby, so you don’t have extension cords snaking across the room. When possible, it’s better to add floor outlets directly below the machines. It’s also important to leave space for floor exercises. You don’t want to go into a gym where it’s just all machines because it could feel claustrophobic. Leaving open space at the center of the room will make your gym feel less cramped, while also providing room for yoga, stretching and calisthenics.

Address the floor and walls
The flooring and walls in a gym should be durable and easy to clean. Some form of resilient floor is always a good idea. Another option is to use cushioned mats that can be rolled out individually, in discrete workout zones. Individual mats can also be placed under equipment like stationary bikes, to dampen noise and catch drops of sweat. It’s also suggested adding mirrors — either mirrored walls or large framed mirrors — to enlarge the sense of space and let you check your form as you work out.

Pay attention to lighting
You don’t have to blast your workout space with the kind of overhead light you’d find in a commercial gym. Installing layers of lighting with multiple fixtures — and using dimmers to control those fixtures — can create a more inviting atmosphere and allow light levels to be adjusted for various activities. It’s also important to consider where the fixtures are positioned in relation to the workout zones. You don’t want to be down on a mat during exercise and looking up directly into a bright light.

Finish it off
Using furniture and accessories that make it easy to keep your gym clean and tidy — and complete your workout without interruptions — will help you stick with an exercise routine. Adding a bench, stool or chair provides a place to catch your breath between exercises, as well as a spot to throw a towel. And if you like watching TV or listening to music while you work out, and you don’t plan to use a portable speaker or headphones, add audiovisual equipment to the room.

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