Best Buy - Premium Treadmills with Great Prices


Best Buy - Premium Treadmills with Great Prices
Best Buy - Premium Treadmills with Great Prices
Brand New JKEXER treadmills
HThe new JKEXER treadmills perfectly combine advanced technology, elegant design and superior performance. These treadmills are more than a training tool: their unique designs, crafted by our team, make them a centerpiece for in-house cardio training.

The series satisfies consumers with different requirements and budgets - JK Fitness has got you all covered from entry-level to high-end home use, relaxing walkers to fast runners.
Racer 713 home treadmill delivers maximum speed up to 14 km/h and inclines to 15 levels, perfect for light to moderate workouts. The treadmill features a user-friendly console with a back-lit displaying Speed, Incline, Time, Distance, Pulse, and more, quick speed/incline adjust buttons and a tablet holder. Fold the running deck and store your treadmill to save space when not in use.
Racer 733 Treadmill's 2.5 HP motor delivers challenging speed up to 16 km/h and inclines of 15 levels. The 18" x 55" running surface is comfortable for any runner. It also provides Bluetooth connectivity which allows users to pair with Kinomap or Zwift and enjoy interactive training. The handy tablet holder helps continue your entertainment during your workout.
JKEXER 853/855
The Robust premium treadmill series with a ultra powerful motor offers a maximum speed of 20 km/h and the highest incline of 20 levels providing various options for users weighing up to 150 kgs. Its spacious running surface and solid framework deliver the best foundation for the treadmill. The pre-set programs challenge users and keep them on target to reach personal fitness goals. Zwift or Kinomap connection can't be missed to keep users motivated.
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