Save your wallet!
TOTAL BODY-WORKOUT with a single gym equipment!

Recent publishing from Harvard Medical School stated doing strength and power training exercises is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy!

Studies have also shown that in as little as four weeks, individuals with chronic insomnia who begin regular exercise can fall asleep up to 13 minutes faster. Long-term exercise enables individuals with insomnia to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and enjoy better sleep quality than they did before exercising.

'Complement your workout with strength training.'
Professional PT always encourages clients to work on both cardio and muscular strength. Keeping your muscles and bones strong will help you run better while decreasing the chance of injury. So, enjoy your treadmill workouts, but make sure you bring in some total body strength training 3 times a week too. These can be just 20 minutes, and you'll increase your metabolism and encourage strength and tone.
More details on the benefits of strength training:

GYMTread Foldable Treadmill
At-Home Strength Training Running Machine
GYMTread, an innovative multifunctional folding treadmill from JK Fitness Taiwan, is not just an ordinary high-end home electric treadmill but features an outstanding combination of cardio and strength training. GYMTread comes with cable crossover delivering 8-levels of adjustable weight settings up to 14 kg without a pile of weight stacks. Not only can the foldable treadmill provide diverse total-body workouts, but the patented and user-friendly Switch-Pro™ stabilizer is a plus for incredible convenience to people who have limited space.

Clear Display

The console is easy to use and both gym and treadmill workout records will be tracked and shown on the screen.

Patented Resistance System

The patented resistance system replaces a pile of weight stacks is simple and easy to assemble.

Quick Adjustment

Unlike traditional pin-selected strength equipment, simply adjust the weight with the lever.

Patent Stabilizer

Switch-Pro™ can stabilize the equipment and can be leveled up for storage without tilting it back and forth.

Track Your Progress Always
Better yet, most strength training doesn't come along with digital display. GYMTread's one-of-a-kind console with acrylic display provides digital data of weight level, count, SPM, and also displays your every stroke and shows your last stroke, etc.
What’s in the Box?
We include everything you need to get the most of our GYMTread. Accessories and exercise chart are along with your purchase of the motorized treadmill.

Exercise Chart* 1, Ankle Strap*1, Extension Cable*2, Pull Grip D-Ring*2
GYMTread, an innovative and practical gym equipment, is a second to none choice for working on strength training in addition to regular cardio workouts at your own cozy home.

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