FitLux 8300 Semi-Commercial Air Bike

Chain and Belt Driven

*Transmission: Chain 410 + J6 belt
* Handlebar with 3.0 mm thickness
* Seat post outer tube: 40 x 80 mm Hexagonal tube
* Surface treatment of seat post:Sandblasting, Chrome plated and coating
*Axle: 10mm dia. front 20mm dia. rear ( for crank)

*Assembly size 134 x 62 x 126.5 cm
*M’st/N.W./G.W.: 10.42Cuft / 48.36 / 56.12 kg
*20’/ 40’ CONTAINER LOAD: 93 pcs / 187 pcs

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*The best air bike for cross-fit training, good for enthusiasts, club owners, trainers and physical therapists
*Sturdy frame from full high-tensile steel that is sealed with a layer of industrial powder coating
*27” steel fan delivers unlimited resistance
*4-way adjustable seat post ensures a custom fit for all
*Function of computer includes Time / Speed / Distance / Calories / Watts/ Interval Setting (20/10) /RPM/Heart Rate Control/Target Heart
*Sealed cartridge bearings use on all moving parts to ensure durability and long periods of maintenance free use
*Pedal, push and pull for a workout that engages the entire body
*Chain & Belt drive system promise quieter and less maintenance
*With transport wheels for easy movement