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Ultra 7136

Commercial Magnetic Bike with Meter

* 14 kg Ø460 mm aluminum alloy with die-casting flywheel
* Magnetic Tension control system with 16-level resistence
* Emergency cantilevered magnetic braking
* 2-Layer coating oval tube construction
* Anti-rust hexagonal stainless sliders and seat post
* Specially designed V-lock system for enforced security
* Belt drive, fix-wheel system. Hutchinson 5PK belt.
* Ultra durable BB, heavy duty 5-arm steel crank with
* 20 mm dia. cro-moly axle, industrial sealed SKF bearings
* 4-way adjustable handlebar / seat with digital scaled sliders
* Multi-form handlebar
* With sweat fender to avoid rusting from sweating
* PU transport wheels for easy movement
* With water bottle
* Low maintenance and easy assembly
* Maximum user weight: 150 kg (330 lb)
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The newly launched magnetic indoor cycle Ultra 7135 is designed with the advanced and patented magnetic braking system taking cyclists to the next level, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor cycling. Ultra 7135 delivers exceptional reliability with a rock solid and compact construction, rust-prevention surface finish and highest grade bearings. Multiform handlebar and seat settings ensure an optimal bike fit. It’s quiet, no dust, minimal maintenance, no replacement of pads. The new Ultra magnetic indoor cycling bike is certain to become popular with riders who expect a near-silent and most genuine cycling experience. Find Ultra bike from JK Fitness, the leading fitness equipment supplier in Taiwan.

*Sweat proof: stainless sliders and posts, 2-layer coatings, sweat fender
*Sturdiness: 5-arm crank, hexagonal sliders
*Safety: 20mm cro-moly axle, V-lock device for firm adjustment
*Smoothness: Hutchinson 5PK belt and commercial-level bearings

With ergonomic and sturdy seat, sweat defender and axle fender, which avoid sweating on the tube, Ultra 7135 is definitely of high endurance and quality. Also, taper roller and spider crank (5-arm steel) are made for long-term usage. JKEXER pays attention to every detail. We not only do business with you but ensure your purchase a best choice.

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* Taiwan-made quality indoor cycle for commercial use
* 14 kg 460mm aluminum alloy with die-casting flywheel

JKexer is specialized in fitness equipment more than 30 years.
Our main products include DC motorized treadmill, elliptical trainers, spinning bikes, multi gyms and Motorized Treadmill Accessories.We provide high quality products with good prices.

By following strict design standards and using only the highest quality materials combined with our extensive background in the fitness industry, JKexer ensures excellent state-of-the-art equipment for its customers.
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