FitLux 655 3-in-1 Incline Treadmill

AeroHike AC 2.0 HP Motor

* Made in Taiwan
* AeroHike 655 semi commercial incline treadmill
* AC 2.0 HP continuous motor with brake resistance system converter
* Free selection climbing/running mode buttons
* Running mode: 0.8~16 kph (0.5~10 mph) / 0~15 levels motor incline
* Hiking mode: 0.8~6 kph (0.5~3.75 mph) / 15~40 levels incline
* Running size: 510 x 1320 mm (20 x 52")
* Computer display: 1 back-lit 150 x 82 mm LCD & 2 dot matrix
* Computer function: Speed, Distance, Incline, Calories, Time, Pulse, Level, Program, Step, Fat, Body type, BMI, BMR
* E/M/T/A/I HRR, 1 manual, 3 target and 12 preset in 3 levels programs
* Cool down button reduces heart and breathing rates
* Lube alert helps prolong the machine’s lifespan.
* Convenient speed & incline handlebar control
* Anti-slip brake resistance system when workout in high inclination for safety
* Patented “SwitchPro” for effortless movement
* 4 transport wheels for easy storage
* Maximum user weight: 136 kg (300 lbs)
* Dimension: 1537(L) x 800(W) x 1732 (H) mm
* M’ST/N.W/G.W.: 22.8 cuft / 110 / 117.5 kg
* 20'/40' FCL : 42 / 90 pcs
Why AeroHike?
  • Exercise for longer periods! Climbing at limited speed prolongs the exercise time thanks to less loading and pain on leg and knees, greatly improve cardiovascular, strengthen muscular endurance and tone major lower body muscles.
  • 3-in-1 design with free selection buttons combining the benefits of walking, climbing and running for family members.
  • Console displays the unique E.M.T.A.I Heart rate reserve (HRR) programs, which provides 5 training zones considering each user’s personal fitness level. Cool down button allows immediate lower excise intensity whenever necessary. Lube alert helps prolong the machine’s lifespan.
  • Patented Switch-Pro for easy-moving and mostly, effortless leveling without tilting the machine and adjusting a couple of times.

  1. Free selection of climbing /running modes within one touch. Two modes are interchangeable whenever you want. Maximum speed of 12 kph and maximum 15 levels under running mode. Maximum speed of 6 kph and 40 levels for climbing mode. Brake resistance system is equipped for safety in high levels.
  2. E.M.T.A.I. training programs provide effective training zones using heart rate reserve (HRR), that is much more accurate to personal health condition than traditional HRC programs, which only based on maximum heart rate (MHR) without considering resting heart rate. HRR is the difference between resting heart rate and Maximum heart rate. This method gives an exercise intensity that is equivalent to the desired percentage of VO2R (maximal oxygen uptake reserve). After constant training, it will significantly strengthen heart functions and lower the users resting heart rate.
  3. Besides EMTAI programs, there are also 12 preset programs with 3 intensity, 3 target, FAT , BMI, BMR for running mode, and 5 preset programs, 3 target, FAT, BMI, BMR for climbing mode.
  4. Cool down button to instantly lower down speed and inclination whenever necessary. Press cool down button again to resume your original program.
  5. Patented step counting to calculate steps. There is a saying 10000 steps a day keeps doctors away.
  6. Lube alert every 180 km of usage to minimize after-sale service and prolong product lifespan.
  7. Patented "Switch-Pro" for effortless moving and leveling. We all know it is very heavy and difficult to adjust the tips for leveling or moving, especially for a treadmill.
  8. Anti-slip brake resistance system when workout in high inclination for safety.
  9. Easy-disassembly design with streamline outlook simplifies and speeds up the maintenance and replacement.
  10. Auto-stop after 3 minutes if no one steps on the machine.
  11. With tablet slot and compartments for personal belongings
  12. Optional desktop for those who prefer walking at work to pursue work-life balance.

Trade Information
  • Country of Origin : Taiwan
  • Main Export Markets : Europe, USA, South America, Central Asia
  • Payment Details :
  • Payment Terms : 30% deposit and 70% balance by T/T before ETC
  • Others : 2% handling fee when less than MOQ
  • Delivery Details :
  • Lead Time : 45 Days
  • FOB Port : Taiwan


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AeroHike AC 2.0 HP Motor
* Made in Taiwan * AeroHike 655 semi commercial incline treadmill * AC 2.0 HP continuous motor with brake resistance syste ...
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