Water Rower
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JKexer 628 Water Rower

Water Rower (Slanted Tank)

*Equipped with slanted tank for high tension
*With transport wheels for easy transformation
*Ball bearings wheels under the seat makes the rowing ultra-silent and smooth. Ideal for home training
*Small space between the pedals due to smaller rail that makes the rowing more comfortable
*Siphons are included for 6-level water adjustment
*Purification tabs are included for water tank cleanliness
*The quicker you go, the harder you work
Designed with slanted tank for higher resistance, it creates a fluid and natural motion which challenges the whole body and delivers one of the most effective workout experiences available.
* M’ST / N.W. / G.W. 15.18Cu’ft / 34 / 45 kg
* 20'/ 40'/ 40' HQ 60 / 120 / 160 pcs
*Function: Time, Time / 500M, SPM, Drag Force, Distance, Strokes, Total Strokes, Calories, Watt, Pulse
*Rail: Oval tube 40*80*1110 mm, metal with aluminum rail
*Effective length: 95cm
*Pedal: Anti-slip and Height Adjustable Pedal (PP) w/straps
*Seat: PU saddle
*Brake: Water tension
*Transmission System: Volute Spring / Bungee cord
*Adaptor/Battery: Battery (2*AA)
*Built-in Receiver: Yes
*6 Resistance levels (Travel distance: 1000mm, SPM 28 / Min.)
Level 1 – 8.5L / 12.5kg, Level 4 – 11.1L /14.4kg
Level 2 – 9.5L / 13.4kg, Level 5 – 11.9L / 15.3kg
Level 3 – 10.5L / 14.1kg, Level 6 – 12.8L / 15.5kg
*Assembly Dimension: L1950* W520*H900 mm
*Maximum User Weight 150 kg
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