JKexer 2760 Indoor Cycling Bike

Magnetic Resistance, Belt Drive

* 6 kg, 420 mm Dia. die-casting flywheel
* Belt drive, fix-wheel system
* Cantilever magnetic brake with tension control system
* 4-way adjustable seat
* Height adjustable handlebar with pulse sensors
* 2 bottle holders
* Plastic pedals
* With tablet for personal entertainment use
* Built-in stabilizers and transport wheels for easy movement
* Computer function: Scan, Speed, Calories, Distance, Time, Pulse
* Assembled size: 1132 (L) x 480 (W) x 1085 (H) mm
* Maximum user weight: 110 kg
* M'st / N.W. / G.W.: 5.2 cuft / 26 / 30 kg
* 20' / 40' / 40'HQ: 189 / 381 / 447 pcs
As JK's entry-level cycle, the JKexer 2760 offers a simplified feature-set without compromise on premium grade materials, proven engineering process and styling. The JKexer 2760 is a rock-solid product, provides efficient workout and personal entertainment.

Belt drive systems transmit the power from pedaling to the wheels. The belt drive system is quieter, stretches less, and transfers more power. It's becoming the norm in indoor cycling. They require less maintenance, have fewer breakdowns, improve pedaling technique, permit less momentum-based recovery, make the rider work more efficiently, and are safer for new riders. They save the club owner money, decrease liability, make less noise, and train participants more effectively.
The beautifully designed JKexer 2760 is JK’s latest model of indoor cycles in 2020. Unlike other JKexer Racy Series models, the JKexer 2760 uses a magnetic resistance system that creates the feel of a real road bike while helping the bike keep a lot quieter than other indoor bikes. The JKexer 2760 also features light weight and mobility for easy storage. For all these reasons, not to mention its incredible durability, this bike is gaining popularity among all users.

It also come equipped with a computer that displays workout data like your pedaling time, your trip distance, calories, etc. These computer calculations and readings are hugely beneficial way to keep track of your progress and can keep you motivated when you want to “break that last record”. The integrated tablet allows you to put smart devices and enjoy your favorite show while pedaling.
  • Country of Origin : China
  • Main Export Markets : Europe, USA, South America, Central Asia
  • Payment Details :
  • Payment Terms : 30% deposit and 70% balance by T/T before ETC
  • Others : 2% handling fee when less than MOQ
  • Delivery Details :
  • Lead Time : 45 Days
  • FOB Port : China

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