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Caminadora Motorizada para uso hogareño

Caminadoras Motorizadas (Cintas de Correr)

Your focus on Focus series! Easy assembly, 98% pre-assembled, one of the best-selling models of JKEXER. Motor incline up to 12%. Patented auto folding allows home users to store it with no trouble and 4-wheel device makes movement much easier and strength-saving. Heart rate control helps users to reach their targeted heart rate easily and precisely. With preset programe, Focus 820 is just easy, enjoyable amd effective for domestic users.

JKexer provides you a full range of light commercial fitness equipment and home use fitness equipment such as motorized treadmills, magnetic exercise bikes, fitness racing bikes, elliptical trainers, steppers, Gym and Motorized Treadmill Accessories to name but a few. By following strict design standards and using only the highest quality materials combined with our extensive background in the fitness industry, JKexer ensures excellent state-of-the-art equipment for its customers.

With our full range products and the wealth of experiences in the industry, there is no need to take your demands to several different suppliers. Consistent quality, fast delivery and Impeccable services make JKexer your global partner in the field of fitness business. Market-exclusive distributorship inquiries are welcomed. Contact us today!


* Fácil de ensamblar, 98% pre-ensamblada
* Pantalla: Pantalla LCD de 150 x 82 mm de 2 matrices de puntos para visualizar la velocidad, Distancia, Tiempo, Calorías, Programa, Nivel,Vuelta, Pulso, Inclinación
* Mecanismo auto plegable patentado,
* Botones de acceso rápido para velocidad e inclinación,
* Motor eléctrico de 3.0 caballos de fuerza
* MCB : Controlador PWM
* Velocidad: 0.8~16kph (0.5~10 mph)
* Pendiente : Inclinación motorizada de hasta 12%
* Programas: 1 manual, 12 pre-programados con 3 niveles de intensidad, 3 Meta, 3 HRC, 2 usuarios
* Espacio para correr: 510 x 1370mm (20 x 54”)
* cada uno de los 7 botones para funciones integrados en el manubrio de la derecha: INICIAR/DETENER, RÁPIDO, DESPACIO, 2, 4, 6, 8kmp y en el manubrio de la izquierda: ENTRAR, SUBIR, BAJAR, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%
*Con botón de seguridad y sensores de pulso en los manubrios.
* Con amortiguador de impactos
* Ruedas transportadoras,
* Peso máximo del usuario: 120kgs ( around 265 lbs)

* Dimensiones : 1780(L) x 860(w) x 1420mm (H)
* M’ST/N.W./G.W.: 22.7 cuft / 86.0 / 100 kgs
* 20’/ 40’ FCL : 42 / 86 pcs

Información comercial

  • País de origen : Taiwan
  • Mercados de exportación principales : Worldwide
  • Detalles del pago
  • Términos de pago : L/C or T/T
  • Pedido mínimo :
  • Detalles de la entrega
  • Plazo de entrega : 40 Días
  • Puerto FOB : Taiwanese port

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