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Rowing for Better Triathlon Performance

rowing machine

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It's rarely possible for a runner to build their back muscles simply by running, yet these muscles are absolutely important for the human body support, especially during endurance exercises such as marathon and triathlon that require stronger core support.

Sedentary work in the office makes degenerate back muscles and even causes round shoulder, chest tightness, breathing difficulty and so on.
There are many ways to train back muscles either training by body weight or using the training equipment. Rower is a comprehensive option that particularly focuses on building back muscles.

Rowing provides total body workout and developes strength, power and aerobic endurance simultaneously. A good rowing posture trains runners' cardiopulmonary and greatly enhances the core muscles, even improves the flexibility of hamstrings and calves. An entire rowing stroke requires leg, core strength, back and arms, which is a versatile and comprehensive training.

Rowing helps runners and triathletes to explore the undiscovered muscle power. Some runners may run with incorrect posture that tremendously reduces the benefits of running. A proper rowing workout develops strong stability and boosts the effectiveness of running.

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